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Community Christian School

Community Christian School’s mission is to introduce students to Christ, to develop Christian character through academically challenging programs, and to build the next generation of dynamic leaders who will make a difference for Christ.

Our Student Support Services prioritize embracing differences, concentrating on the individual strengths and weaknesses of each student. We aim to equip students for success in a college preparatory program. Students who have a current IEP or 504, plan may be eligible for support services. IEP’s and 504’s must have been completed within the last three years if this is not the case, you may provide a current Educational Psychological Evaluation. 

We aim to serve students by meeting them where they are and fostering their academic and spiritual growth to help them become the individuals that God has created them to be. Our focus is on facilitating the development of skills and learning strategies, challenging students to reach their full potential both inside and outside the classroom setting. Discover how we customize our methods to address the individual needs of every student at Community Christian School.

Documentation Requirements

  • Current IEP or 504
  • Current Psychological Evaluation
  • Current grade report and behavioral report

Please note to avoid delays, please submit the documents above with your enrollment packet. 

Fee Schedule
Student Support Services charges will be billed to each family’s FACTS account.


The Learning Lab offers students with current IEPs or 504s a dedicated space to complete tests, catch up on class assignments, or engage in class projects. Led by Mrs. Holly King, the Lab provides a quiet and supportive environment. Mrs. King assists students based on their accommodations, as outlined in their Service Plans. Mrs. Murphy oversees students’ progress, conducts grade monitoring, meets with students and teachers, and keeps parents informed.

The monthly fee for the Learning Lab is $175.00.

Discover the Power of Orton-Gillingham Reading Services at Community Christian School! Led by Alicia Petry, an Associate Member of The Academy of Orton-Gillingham, our program is unmatched on the Southside of Atlanta. Mrs. Petry’s comprehensive training ensures the highest quality instruction for our students. Our systematic, explicit, and multi-sensory approach caters to all learners, from Dyslexic students to Second Language learners. With carefully curated decodable readers and personalized instruction, we empower students to progress at their own pace. Unlike other schools, our Orton-Gillingham program offers in-depth, qualified instruction and high-level professional guidance. Children with diverse learning needs, including Dyslexia, language barriers, or developmental delays, benefit from our tailored approach.

Consultative Services are available for students who, while having accommodations, learn independently and don’t require Learning Lab support. These services, overseen by Mrs. Lynn Murphy, our Student Support Director, aim to empower students and foster independence. Consultative students follow a regular class schedule, are encouraged to advocate for themselves, and seek help when needed. Mrs. Murphy monitors grades, meets with students and teachers, and updates parents on their child’s progress, ensuring accommodations are maintained. Students displaying growth in the Learning Lab may transition to Consultative services.

The cost of Consultative Services is $75.00 monthly. 

Mrs. Lynn Murphy

Director of Student Support Services

Phone: (678) 432- 0191