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Community Christian School

Community Christian's
Covid-19 Policy

As we continue to navigate through these challenging years, Community has worked diligently to develop protocols for our students to continue to receive spiritually dynamic and academically challenging education.

Similar to non-pandemic years, we are applying general health and safety procedures that will be advisable for the well-being of all our students, teachers, and staff.

CCS Covid-19 Protocols


To help reduce the spreading of transmission of Covid, CCS has hired additional custodial staff to help teachers in the regular sanitizing and disinfecting of classrooms, buildings, and equipment. Our maintenance staff will continue to disinfect frequently touched surfaces throughout each day.

Hand sanitizer is available in all classrooms and throughout the building.  A fogger will be used to disinfect on a routine basis and for specific areas as needed.                                 

Face Coverings:

CCS does not currently have a mandatory mask mandate. Masks are optional but allowable and encouraged. While mask usage is optional and not mandated for staff, teachers, and students during the school day, CCS will be supportive of individuals who choose to wear a mask. Please be respectful of those who choose to wear or not wear a mask while on campus.

Masks will need to be supplied by parents that encourage their students to wear one. 


The school promotes proper hand hygiene throughout the school day.  The school ensures that an adequate supply of hand sanitizer, hand soap, and paper towels is available in all classrooms and bathrooms.   

Lunch Services:

1-12 grade students will eat lunch in the cafeteria. Birth to Kindergarten students will continue to eat lunch in their respective classrooms. Hand sanitizer is available, and tables are cleaned and disinfected after each use.                                                         


As a precaution, students may be required to complete temperature checks upon entering our buildings. Students who become ill should remain at home and follow the policy for well children as stated in our handbook. Click here to log into Renweb.

         Physical Distancing:                               

Classroom desks are arranged with as much space between each student as possible and will be facing the same direction. We ask that we limit sharing of materials such as art supplies or toys. Soft toys that cannot be easily disinfected will be avoided.

CCS will adjust operations based on the CDC and local health data provided.