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Community Christian School

Each child has a promise, potential and purpose

Middle school presents the most unique and potentially stressful transitions in the academic world. Students embrace the daunting task of preparing for high school, and parents face a variety of new concerns: Is she ready? How will he react socially? Are we going to be ready for high school? What haven’t I thought of? Community Christian School strives to turn potentially stressful transitions into fond memories by weaving rigorous academic programs, responsible social activities, and relevant spiritual application into an educational experience that develops well-rounded, Christ-seeking students. Our challenging curriculum fosters critical thinking skills and abstract reasoning abilities. In addition to core academic subjects, Community offers a wide range of enrichment courses: band, chorus, physical education, art, computer, Spanish, drama, and study skills are taught in rotating sessions, exposing students to a variety of unique experiences and disciplines. Students also attend chapel services that incorporate student-led worship, videos, and skits – all of which lead up to a message delivered by a member of our distinguished faculty. Our numerous athletic opportunities, field trips, and social events complement our academic foundations and enrichment courses. Our desire is for middle school students to be well-rounded and prepared to succeed at the next level.

Middle School Clubs

  1. Chess
  2. Coding
  3. Drama
  4. Geography
  5. History
  6. Literary

7. Math

8. Praise Band

9. Robotics