Fine Arts

The fine arts department consists of music, visual arts, and drama. The instructors in the fine arts department have over 50 years’ experience developing the artistic visions of children.  In addition to classroom instruction, students have opportunities to travel for performances, compete at the regional and state-wide level, and exhibit their talents regularly on campus.

General music education is incorporated in the K2 through third grade curriculum to instill a love of music. Students in grades four through eight participate in an intensive music elective of band or chorus to develop musical performance skills. High school students may choose to continue their musical instruction through elective offerings in concert band and chorale.

To foster creativity and develop fine motor skills, every student in kindergarten through fifth grade receives weekly instruction in the visual arts. Middle school students begin to hone their artistic skills through the visual art rotational elective.

Students who are passionate about visual arts may continue with more in-depth instruction throughout high school. Dramatic arts are taught at the high school level with many opportunities for students to showcase their talents in annual productions.

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