Georgia Goal

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The Georgia Goal Scholarship Program is a unique tax credit program offered to those who pay Georgia state taxes. Every year, you can elect to redirect a portion of the state taxes you owe, directly to Community. Then, you receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit. That means, if you contribute $1000 to the Georgia GOAL Program on behalf of Community Christian School, you receive a $1000 tax credit.


So what does Community do with the money? That money can then be used to assist students coming from the public school system who have a financial need. All contributions go towards assisting those families in need. This allows families a greater opportunity to provide their children with a Christian education.


Things to keep in mind about the benefits:

• Allows students who otherwise could not afford the full Community Christian School tuition to attend Community and receive a Christian education

• All students benefit when Community receives funds through GOAL. These funds directly offset the budgeted amount for financial aid which allows for a greater amount of the operating budget to be used for the needs of all students.

• Preserve more of our existing financial aid to assist families already enrolled

• Increase the funds available to improve educational and other offerings

• Further our mission by reaching more families desiring a Christian education


For more information contact Georgia GOAL. Also, view the Frequently Asked Questions.


Sign up here to contribute for your 100% state income tax credit! Choose Community Christian School as your designated school.