Community Christian School COVID-19 Mitigation Strategy

Face Coverings & Personal Hygiene

• Masks are allowed, but optional on campus and at school events
• Hand sanitizing stations have been placed at high-traffic areas around the school

Increased Cleaning & Sanitization

• Additional routine disinfecting and cleaning will be performed on our facilities using virucide cleaners approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
• The sanitization of frequently touched surfaces, such as door handles, fingerprint scanners, and light switches, is ensured
• Facilities are deep cleaned during periods where few or no students are on campus

Environmental Modifications & Enhancements

• The use of personal, refillable water bottles is encouraged
• The frequency of air ventilation maintenance, including changing the air filters and cleaning the system coils, has been increased

High-Touch Considerations

• All meals are included in tuition, physical interaction with cash and card checkout interfaces has been minimized as a result
• Ticketless entry into school events is encouraged when possible

Building Operations

CCS is implementing protocols in each building and office space to ensure that appropriate preventative and disinfecting measures are taken.
In the event of a positive COVID-19 case by a member of the student body, faculty, or staff where there has been physical contact with school facilities or personnel, consideration for additional measures will be taken, including:

• The ensured implementation of preventative and disinfecting practices
• If necessary, short-term or long-term closure of facilities will be considered in consultation with public health officials