After School Program

The purpose of the afterschool program emphasizes activity-based learning that reinforces the knowledge and skills needed for school as well as life-long success.

Daily Schedule:

A typical daily schedule includes time for the following:
1) Restroom
2) Snack
3) Homework Time
4) Physical Activity
5) Enrichment Activity

Students are to bring their own snacks.

Homework Time:
Students are taught the importance of completing homework in the time that is allotted, however using the time set aside to complete homework is the responsibility of the child. Homework time is to be a quiet environment. The afterschool teachers oversee the homework time.

Program Fees:
There is a weekly fee for students who attend. The fee is billed to the parents FACTS account.

Student Release:
The students should be picked up from the afterschool office by 6:30pm. Students are only released to persons on their authorized pick-up form. All persons picking students up should be prepared to show picture identification.

The following extracurricular activities are available for an additional fee:
1) Chessology
2) Karate
3) Dance

Contact Info:
678-432-0191 ext. 109