Each child has promise, potential, and purpose


Community Christian School firmly believes God loves each child and created him or her uniquely and perfectly in His image. He also endowed each child with great abilities and a desire to succeed. As educators, it is our job to partner with parents in inspiring students to enjoy developing their God-given talents. The community does just that by offering a balance of strong academic programs, unique educational opportunities, and extra-curricular clubs and athletic teams.

Community Christian School is dedicated to providing your child a rigorous, relevant, and relational education. The academic program is college preparatory and structured to prepare each child for academic excellence through strong foundations in mathematics, reading comprehension, written and oral communication, and technology training. With these principles in mind, instructors diligently make learning relevant by designing practical projects promoting critical thinking skills and innovation. Relationships are foundational to the educational process; and Community Christian School’s distinguished faculty nurtures those relationships by sponsoring a variety of social activities, community service groups, and clubs engaging the particular interests unique to each child.