Each child has promise, potential, and purpose


The academic curriculum at Community Christian School incorporates the whole student mind, body, soul, and spirit. Students are challenged to think independently, critically, and creatively to build problem-solving skills and a thirst for learning. All disciplines emphasize critical thinking, the defense of ideas, and the presentation of facts. In addition, we are committed to a low student-to-faculty ratio and hiring of the best and brightest Christian teachers which results in students who are prepared to lead and serve in a fast-changing, global community.

Community Christian School desires to create habits of learning that transcend the college experience and extend into all areas of life: effective communication, independent reading, critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and most importantly – a passionate love of learning. Through purposeful, active mentorship, our faculty not only teach the practical skills of college preparation but also exposes students to larger questions about the vastness and greatness of God.