Student Support Services

Assessment & Placement

Referral for support services is made by parents, teachers, or school administrators. Upon referral, specialized testing may be required to determine eligibility for a given service.  When a student is found eligible for services, a service plan is developed to document the individualized goals and objectives for the program, along with classroom and/or testing accommodations that may be needed to ensure academic success.

Instructional Delivery Model

Support services may be provided through a consultative, individual, small group, or co-taught instructional model.  The instructional model and amount of services required will vary based on a student’s individual needs.

Continuation of services will be based on a student’s progress in both the regular classroom and Support Services program.  In addition, regular attendance, active participation, completion of assignments, and appropriate conduct in the support program will be considered.

A student’s progress will be reviewed annually to determine placement for the following school year.

Parental Involvement

Parents are an integral part of Student Support Services.  Students receive regular assignments and/or support material directly related to the goals and objectives outlined in their service plan.