Our curriculum is designed to integrate Christian principles throughout daily activities and lessons. All teachers are Christians who value the opportunity to share their faith with the children. K3 and K4 classes attend Chapel twice a month for a child-oriented worship service. This special time includes stories and songs about God and His presence in our lives.


To enhance our culturally rich curriculum, each week, all K2, K3 and K4 classes look forward to a special time of introduction to the Spanish language. The age-appropriate curriculum consists of basic words and phrases that are used daily, both in the classroom and at home.


Students go to the computer lab each week for instruction from the Computer Teacher. The curriculum includes learning the proper names and functions of the computer system’s hardware, properly caring for hardware and software, and learning basic computer skills, i.e. using a mouse and keyboard to manipulate paint and storybook programs. Additionally, the students use a variety of multi-media programs to supplement topics and units that support the classroom curriculum.


After School enrichment activities, such as pre-ballet, soccer, piano lessons and tumble classes, are designed for both learning and fun. Classes are designed for after school students at an additional fee.