Learning Lab:

The Elementary (K – 5th grade) and Middle/High (6th – 12th grade) Learning Labs provide services to students with documented learning differences in one or more academic areas, including language, mathematics, and written expression.  Our Learning Lab specialists work closely with parents and teachers to provide curriculum-based services and academic accommodations, along with teaching students strategies and skills needed for school success.  Students are considered for services based on teacher or parent referral, academic review and supplemental testing, as needed.  Eligibility for the program is determined based on a comprehensive assessment of cognitive ability and academic performance, including an Individualized Education Program (IEP) and/or educational-psychological testing.   There is an above-tuition monthly fee for students enrolled in the program. 

Exceptional Development in Gifted Education (EDGE):

Exceptional Development in Gifted Education is a 3-hour pull out support service for students who require additional academic challenge beyond the regular classroom curriculum.  Students are engaged in a variety of hands-on, interactive, and collaborative learning experiences to challenge their verbal, quantitative and non-verbal strengths.  Students study a variety of cross-curricular units, developing improved communication, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and research skills.  Units of study incorporate geography, mathematics, anatomy, history, literature, and more.

Eligibility for EDGE is determined by measures of cognitive ability, academic performance, and teacher recommendation, following the national standards for giftedness. There is a $50 above-tuition monthly fee for students enrolled in the program.

Speech & Language:

The Speech and Language program provides assessment and therapy services to children with articulation (speech sound production), language (vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, listening), and fluency (stuttering) disorders as well as those struggling with literacy skills (phonics, spelling, reading comprehension).  The goal of the Speech & Language program is to help children become effective, confident communicators both in and out of the classroom setting.

A student may be referred for services by a parent or teacher.  An initial evaluation is performed to determine the specific nature of the speech, language, or literacy concerns and candidates for the program are then scheduled for individual, small group, or classroom-based therapy services.  Parents are a vital part of student success and are expected to complete regular home assignments.  There is an initial testing fee and an above-tuition monthly fee for students enrolled in the program.  Our speech-language pathologist is nationally certified through the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) and licensed in the state of Georgia.

Discovery Center:

The National Institute for Learning Disabilities (NILD) “Discovery Program” provides educational, brain-based therapy for students in the 2nd through 12th grade who have average ability, but learn differently.  If a student is considered a viable candidate for the program, admission requires a referral from a teacher and / or parent, along with testing and special attention therapy sessions.  Students are pulled out of the classroom twice weekly for individual therapy support, each session lasting 80 minutes.  Parents continue therapy assignments at home each evening. There is an initial testing fee and an above tuition monthly fee for students enrolled in the program. Our NILD certified therapist is trained and accredited by the National Institute for Learning Development.