Beauty and the Beast Performance

On Friday night, May 6th, and Saturday afternoon, May 7th, the Community Christian School Drama department put on the play Beauty and the Beast. The Drama team had been practicing during and after school each day leading up to the big night. Mrs. Shivers, the chorus teacher, managed the middle school chorus in the music and the actors/actresses throughout the play. Junior Katelyn Canavan states, “It was very exciting to see all of our hard work in action.”

Students and teachers alike took the stage on Friday and Saturday. Teachers Danni Tabor, Jonathon Irby, Dave Wilkerson, and Mrs. Shivers’ husband, Steve Shivers, participated in the Disney classic. Belle was played by Junior Paige Asire, and the Beast was played by Johnny Davies. Fun was had by all, thanks to the intriguing and lively performance put on by the actors and actresses.