Future Plans

With the school year coming to a close, seniors are in a rush to finalize plans for next year. Some are already decided while others are still waiting for a much-anticipated reply. Seniors Austin Grimes (Briar Cliff University), Payton Reis (Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College), Alfred Tittle (Webber International), Adie Taylor (University of North Georgia), Karyn Arnold and Cheetara Bing (Reinhardt University), and Ben Davidson (Ogelthorpe) have signed and committed to play sports at their selected schools. Senior Johnny Davies is taking a very different path with his singing audition at Reinhardt University that garnered him the applause of the Music Director.

While most are continuing their education some seniors have decided to pursue a more bold future. Geo Arroyo has committed to the United States Marines, and Asante Fernandez will be joining the Army Reserves.