MacKenna Gosart Jamaica Editorial

On Thursday, February 16, 2017, I boarded a plane and flew to Montego Bay, Jamaica. Nine other CCS students accompanied me as well as Mrs. Langston, Mrs. Kurey, and Dr. Bishop, who met us in Jamaica. Upon arrival, we took a bus to the Noah’s Ark Children’s Home in Martha Brae. The drive showcased the beauties of Jamaica including towering palm trees, vast mountains, and the glistening ocean. When we reached the home, kids swarmed our bus and carried our luggage to our room. From that moment, the week was full of love and fun as we served the wonderful people of Jamaica.
On Friday and Saturday, we painted the buildings in the complex around the children’s home as well as a room inside the home itself. Also on Saturday, we walked around the village and invited people to church the next day. It was astounding to see how the people live as well as how they don’t have much, but dedicate their lives to serving God.
Sunday was my favorite day. We taught Sunday school, attended church services, sang, and fellowshipped with the people of the church. After church, we got the privilege of witnessing the baptism of Damion, the oldest boy at the children’s home. That afternoon, the missionaries with our group played a soccer game against the boys from the home. Another church service followed and Dr. Bishop delivered an amazing message.
Monday and Tuesday were our “fun, tourist-like” days that included trips to the straw market, Doctors Cave, and YS Falls. I enjoyed spending time with my classmates while observing the beautiful country of Jamaica. While we were out, we also enjoyed beef patties from Tastee’s and smoked chicken, pork, and festival bread from Scotchie’s.
On Wednesday, we did small tasks around the complex and attended church in the evening. Thursday was our last day and we went to the boy’s school to give a devotion. Then, we flew home, concluding our trip.
This week was my first mission trip and I couldn’t consider myself more blessed. It was so much more than I expected and I pray I can go again next year.