Mrs. Brooks and Dr. Paino’s Cadillac for a Cause Escapades

Elementary principal, Dr. Paino, and Elementary Dean of Students, Mrs. Brooks, took the Cadillac for a Cause fundraiser to new heights when they challenged the students to sell ten tickets in one week. If the students reached this goal, the two would color their hair blue. When the students attained this objective, Dr. Paino and Mrs. Brooks knew the children were capable of much more.
For their second challenge, students had to sell 25 tickets by September 28; if they did this, Dr. Paino, Mrs. Brooks, and Mr. Banke would take a pie to the face. “The best part was the kid’s enthusiasm, even though there was pie in my eyes,” Mrs. Brooks stated. Again, the elementary students achieved beyond what administration expected. The students sold another 25 tickets in a week’s time, sentencing Dr. Paino, Mrs. Brooks, and Mr. Banke to a slime bath.
Next, elementary students were challenged to sell 30 tickets by October 18. If this was accomplished, Dr. Paino and Mrs. Brooks would spend the day on the roof of CCS. Of course, this goal was obtained with ease and the two spent a day on the roof in their pajamas. While on the roof, they received letters from students as well as visits from multiple classes. “We connected with students in a way we never thought possible,” Mrs. Brooks exclaimed.
For their final dare, Dr. Paino and Mrs. Brooks would swap uniforms with the students for a day. The students received a free, Halloween themed dress down on October 31, while Dr. Paino and Mrs. Brooks had to wear CCS student uniforms. All in all, the challenges and dares given by Dr. Paino and Mrs. Brooks encouraged CCS elementary students to sell Cadillac for a Cause tickets. “Everything we did was to promote ticket sales, but it became so much more” Mrs. Brooks said, reminiscing about the experience, “I learned so many names, my new goal is to know all the student’s names.” The proceeds from the fundraiser then benefitted the CCS Athletic Fields.