Wahsega 4H Trip

On Thursday, October 27, 2016, the seventh graders of CCS set out to the Wahsega 4H camp for two days of fun. As soon as the final student stepped foot off of the bus, the excitement began. The first activity involved hand making cornbread like pioneers in early America. Along with cornbread, the young pioneers also made candles over a fire."The cornbread was so fun to make!" Elijah Brewer declared. After the pioneers learned to cook and provide light, they moved on to weaponry, learning to use a bow and arrow. "Expanding my knowledge on combat was my favorite!" Lauren Brooks said.

Most of the students' favorite activity was the dissection of the grasshopper. Larson Dingess exclaims,"Cutting that grasshopper up was amazing!" The students learned specific parts of a grasshopper by carefully dissecting a grasshopper with a partner. "It was fun to learn about this with my friend as my partner" Madeline Mayo explains. All in all, the seventh graders of Community Christian School adored the Wahsega 4H field trip and can't wait for their next adventure.