Elementary Chapels

The new school year has begun and the Elementary students are really looking forward to chapels. Every week the students gather in the auditorium to praise Jesus Christ through testimony and song. They get a chance to grow in their relationships with Christ, and learn more about themselves along the way. Every chapel presents an interesting topic that is sure to inspire the hearts of these young students.

The chapels are open for any parent or family member who may be interested in coming to see it, but there are certain chapels that parents are especially encouraged to attend. The chapels around Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter are very important for Community Christian School because the students put on class productions and perform special songs. Each production provides an opportunity for CCS’ children to interact with the holiday stories they hear every year. With the exiting chapels in store for the students, there is no question that the as the year goes by, the bonds between the children and God will strengthen.