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Why We Chose CCS for Our Daughters

We first enrolled in Community Christian School in 2001, when our daughter was five. Twelve years have passed, and our kindergartener is now a junior at CCS. She has been joined by our second daughter, who is finishing 8th grade. CCS has experienced much growth through the years: numerous sports programs have been added, curriculum continues to deepen and become more challenging, and the high school continues to add more college-level classes (Advanced Placement and dual-enrollment are two big attractions). The Arts Program at CCS (choral, band, art, drama) rivals those in larger schools throughout the Southeast.

Our daughters consider their teachers not just educators, but also life-mentors. The faculty enjoys close relationships with students, holding small-group Bible studies and prayer groups. Further, missions plays a large part at CCS, as students are travelling and ministering both in other countries and to the local poor. These encounters have taught our daughters compassion and commitment to others—life lessons that have few comparisons.

Most of all, CCS has a spiritual element–a heartfelt commitment to students and parents that few places can match. Perhaps the family-feeling is reminiscent of Paul’s words in Colossians 1:27: “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” It has a Christ-driven atmosphere, a place where Christ’s fruit can be genuinely felt and recognized in the faculty and in the students. Perhaps what is felt is a feeling of hope.

CCS is preparing our daughters to go out into the world–with a concern for others, a relationship with Jesus Christ, and a knowledge of His intellectual wisdom. May CCS continue to be used for His glory!

– CCS Parents

We feel like FAMILY

I have been a CCS parent for 12 years. All three of my children have attended both the nursery and preschool, and are currently in elementary and middle school. When asked why we chose and now REMAIN at CCS, my first answer would have to be the way we have always been made to feel like FAMILY. From classroom activities, to Wednesday chapels, to sporting events, my attendance has always been encouraged and welcomed by the CCS staff. I am thankful to know that when my children are at school, that they are being challenged academically, nurtured spiritually, and LOVED for who they are. I have been pleased to see how much CCS has grown over the past 12 years and look forward to the continued improvements to the educational opportunities, spiritual outreach, and extracurricular programs.

– A CCS Parent