Underclassmen Begin Well-Known Propaganda and Oration Projects

As the New Year commences, the projects begin. The freshman class started the Propaganda project yesterday, January 10. This group project is about a month long, consisting of speeches, videos, and posters. Each group assigns one person to be their candidate. The groups then write a speech, construct a project, and prepare a video to endorse their candidate. On February 8, the groups present their speech to a panel of judges and, finally, the panel of judges chooses the best group.
While the freshmen trek through the Propaganda project, the sophomores begin the Oration project. This project is a six to seven minute speech on whatever the student chooses. Source cards, outlines, note cards, and rough drafts are all due throughout the months of January and February. The final speech is due February 28. However, the packet containing the final outline, rough draft, final speech, and works cited page are all due on February 16. All in all, to CCS parents and students: please pray for our freshmen and sophomores as they begin these projects!

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