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    CCS is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian school, which opened in 1997 with 32 students. Meeting in the beautiful facilities provided by Community Bible Church, CCS has grown to more than 800 students in just nine short years. CCS believes with our philosophy of “bringing excellence to life,” our location, rigorous academic programs, and our facilities, CCS will continue to provide an outstanding Christian education for many generations to come.

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  • Academics

    Community Christian School desires to create habits of learning that transcend the college experience and extend into all areas of life: effective communication, independent reading, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and most importantly – a passionate love of learning. Through purposeful, active mentor-ship our faculty not only teach the practical skills of college preparation, but they expose students to larger questions of the vastness and greatness of God.

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  • Admissions

    Community Christian School is dedicated to providing your child a rigorous, relevant, and relational education. The academic program is college preparatory and structured to prepare each child for academic excellence through strong foundations in mathematics, reading comprehension, written and oral communication, and technology training. With these principles in mind, instructors diligently make learning relevant by designing practical projects promoting critical thinking skills and innovation. Relationships are foundational to the educational process; and Community Christian School’s distinguished faculty nurtures those relationships by sponsoring a variety of social activities, community service groups, and clubs engaging the particular interests unique to each child.

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  • Athletics

    Community Christian School is committed to developing well-rounded students that glorify Christ in a variety of ways. Athletics are a prime opportunity for us to showcase the gifts and talents that the Lord has given us to honor His name.

    Through our sports teams our athletes learn about leadership, teamwork, dedication, character and discipline which will further shape them into the image of Jesus as we strive to equip the next generation of Godly leaders.

  • Academic Opportunities in America

    Our primary objective is to raise a generation that will shape the world according to Christian principles; therefore high school students at Community Christian School follow a college preparatory plan of coursework and participate in a variety of activities to develop each student spiritually, academically, physically and socially. Our rigorous academic offerings move students to intellectual independence and prepare them for success at the post-secondary institution of their choosing. While core classes comprise the staple of our academic tracks, students pick from a variety of electives. Honor students enjoy the opportunity to take both Advanced Placement and dual enrollment courses on campus. Community Christian School nominates students to participate in the Georgia Governor’s Honors Program, STAR Student Program, and Youth Leadership Henry.

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Community Christian School’s mission is to introduce students to Christ, developing Christian character through spiritually dynamic and academically challenging programs, while preparing them to be godly leaders who will make a difference for Christ.